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There is ample parking at the Fairgrounds. 
Double Century riders should enter on Ave of the Flags and follow the direction of our parking control volunteers.  All other riders may  park in any open lot or on the street.  We will not be controlling entry to any lots other than the the lot at the Marin Center. 
It can be difficult to remember where you parked after a long day in the saddle.  We suggest that mark the location where park by dropping a pin on your mobile phone to guide you back to your car.
Don't know how?  Look here:

Check in And Registration

Check in for the Mt. Tam Double opens at 4:15 AM 
Check in and registration  for all other routes opens at 5:00 AM 
If you did not select Concierge Mailing of your rider packet,  please arrive with enough time to pick up your bike stickers, wristband, water bottle, and route map. 
Affix the RFID tag to the right side of your helmet.
 Wrap  the bike sticker around the seat post or top tube where it will be most visible.  
Place the helmet sticker on the front of your helmet.  Other stickers can be used on your seat pack, drop bags and personal belongings
Wristbands must be worn by all riders and  are your passport into the rest stops, Sag services,  post ride festivities and bike corral.  

There will be a limited number of tickets available  for some routes on August 4.  We will not sell tickets for the Mt. Tam 100 or the 200 Km after 6:00 AM.  


Mt Tam Double Century
5:00 AM Sharp
All riders must have working front and rear lights.  NO EXCEPTIONS.    All DC riders must start at this time.  Be sure your RFID tag is properly affixed to the right side of your helmet.  This is the ONLY way we will be recording your passage through the checkpoints.    Double Century riders may not  start before 5:00 am and must finish by 10:00 pm.  NO EXCEPTIONS

100Tam and 200Km
6:00 AM
You may start the route at anytime between 6:00  am and 6:30 am.  All  100Tam riders must make the turn at Nicasio Valley Rd  by 7:30 am.  All 220 Km riders must reach the Bay Hill/Coleman cut off by Noon.

100Mi Traditional and 100Km
6:45 AM
You may start the route at anytime between 6:45 am and 7:45 am.  

50 Km
 Start your ride not later than 7:45 am in order to reach the lane closure and ride to the top of Big Rock car free.

All riders must be on course no later than 8:00 AM  this ensures that you will be able to take advantage of the lane controls on the climbs up Big Rock and the "Alp du Fromage" aka "Rocky Hill".  Lane controls are an important part of our ride and there for your safety.    No other rides that we know of offer this  amazing service.
Be sure to say thank you  to the CHP and volunteers when you ride by.

Bike Security 

Keep your bike with you when checking in at the registration /check in  area in the morning .  Do not leave your bike unattended.  
We will have a secure bike corral available POST RIDE.  All bikes must be parked in the corral and will be released only to the owner.  Your bike stickers and wristbands must match  to remove your bike from the corral.   
Bike thieves look just like you!   They wear spandex, helmets and cleats and target  bikes that are  unattended and even those that are locked to vehicles.    The bike corral is the safest place for your bike while you enjoy the post ride festivities.


We strongly advise you to get your bike tuned up before the ride.  A list of local bike shops that support our ride is available here.
Minimally you should check the tires, brakes and lube your chain.


Bike (don't laugh it has happened)
Mirror (if used)
Lights (mandatory for DC riders)
Water bottle (we'll give you one too)
Spare tube 
Basic tools
Frame pump or CO2
Bike computer and heart rate monitor
Base Layer
Light jacket
Lip balm
Any specialized food
Registration materials (Bike stickers/wristband, map, RFID tag)
Registration confirmation  (if you did not get your packet in the mail)
Credit card and emergency cash